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why we are interested in having you tell us something about yourself

In order to help you win approval of your SSA disability benefits, our objective is to convince Social Security Administration of the following:

Due to the severity, frequency and duration of your impairment's symptoms and limitations, you are incapable of working at any job now and for at least the next twelve months.

At the bottom of this page, you can continue telling us something about yourself by choosing to complete our case evaluation questionnaire or you can return to the tour page of our web site.

If you choose to complete our case evaluation questionnaire, you will have the opportunity, in each of the three areas of the questionnaire, to provide extensive information about yourself and your impairment(s), how your impairment(s) keep you from working and, if already underway, a history of your existing SSA claim.

The information you provide is strictly confidential and will be reviewed and evaluated only by our disability benefit consultants to determine if your case is viable in terms of the objective stated above.

Following our evaluation, if we believe your situation has case approval merit, we will contact you. At that time, we will gather further information that might be required to make a final determination of the approval merit of your case.

If we believe your case can be won, we then discuss how our service can provide you the best possible opportunity to win approval of your benefits. We also discuss our fee structure and case processing steps and then invite you to retain us as your authorized representative.


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