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tour guide for disability benefit approval

Guardian Advocates designed this web site to inform you about your Social Security Administration disability benefits. Please feel free to explore all our pages in your own way and at your own pace.

If you prefer,  we offer the following two alternatives to get you underway quickly:

1. Contact Us Immediately

If you are disabled, unable to work, concerned about your financial future and need immediate information such as:

  • Does my disability really qualify?
  • How do I even get started?
  • How fast can I get my benefits?
  • I was denied, should I appeal?
  • As a representative, how can you help?

v  CALL v  us right away and we will discuss and evaluate your situation, explain our representation service, and provide answers to the questions above and others you might have. And remember ...

there is no charge or obligation
for this consultation


v  TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF v  Learn why we would like you to tell us something about yourself. Then complete our case evaluation
QUESTIONNAIRE v  if you wish.  The information you provide will allow us to evaluate your situation and respond by email or telephone if we believe your situation qualifies and has strong benefit approval potential.


v  EMAIL v  us and we will respond with further information as soon as possible.

OR,  please ...

2. Read On

Learn about your SSA benefits, about our company, and how we can assist you in obtaining approval of those benefits by touring the following pages:

  • To begin your tour, we would be very pleased to have you tell us something about yourself so that we can evaluate the potential of being able to help you win approval of your benefits  ... just click on the v EVALUATION v  page;

  • Our background and commitment to keep our promise to you is located on the v ABOUT v  page;

  • The v INFORMATION v  page clarifies and pinpoints the basics of SSA disability benefits. Certain specific Information is referenced by links to the SSA web site. Disability Benefit news also is presented in a scrolling format. Our goal here is to help you find that "information needle in a haystack";

  • Next, our v SERVICES v  page outlines what you can expect when you retain Guardian Advocates as your disability benefits representative. And, very importantly ...

you pay no fee unless your
disability benefits are approved!

  • At this point in your tour, some of your questions and concerns might match those asked and answered on our v FAQ v  page.

  • At the conclusion of your tour, feel free to v  CONTACT v  us directly for further information as you navigate this and other pages on our site.

Thank you very much for your interest in Guardian Advocates. We hope you find your visit easy and informative. Before you leave, please take a moment and let us know your impression of our web site by taking our v  WHAT I THINK v  poll. We look forward to serving you in any way possible. As our client, we can promise you stress-free application or appeal representation and peace of mind.

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