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what you can expect from us

You can expect exactly what we promised ... stress-free application or appeal representation and peace of mind. And,  to keep that promise:
  • SECOND, expect us to listen. When you v CONTACT v us for the first time, your immediate circumstances are our first concern ... who you are, how you came to be disabled, if you've had previous interaction with SSA and your social security disability benefits questions and concerns.
  • THIRD, and most importantly at this point, you can expect us to take action. We will assess your situation through a simple but comprehensive consultation process. We pull no punches during this process. If we believe you do not qualify for social security disability benefits we will explain that opinion in terms you can understand.

On the other hand, if we believe you qualify for benefits, either as an initial applicant or as a denied appellant, we also explain that in detail and provide you the opportunity to proceed as a Guardian Advocates client. Please note:

there is no charge and no obligation
for this consultation when you

  • FOURTH, you can expect us to explain our fee structure that best matches the effort required by your case. We will explain the steps needed to present your case. We will demonstrate how we will communicate our every step to you. Then you can expect to choose the most affordable payment alternative that we guarantee you can afford without seeking outside financial resources.

Guardian Advocates believes that our fee-based incentive to help resolve your case matches your incentive to be awarded social security disability benefits ... the sooner, the better. As a non-attorney representative firm with attorney affiliation, we are motivated not by the time elapsed and the number of documents we produce and chase but, rather, by how quickly we can resolve your case and win, because ...

there is no charge unless we WIN!

  • FINALLY, you can expect us to assemble the necessary medical, personal and vocational information with the skill and professionalism that is required to insure the most comprehensive case presentation. In many instances, we interact directly with SSA personnel to help resolve documentation issues or clarify questions. We do not wait for resolution if we believe direct intervention will accelerate the process.

If, after visiting our web site, you would like to discuss your case, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Just visit our v CONTACT v  page and call or email us. Or navigate to our v EVALUATION v  page; page to tell us something about yourself and we will contact you.

Also, be sure to visit our v FAQ v  (frequently asked questions) page. Many of the answers found there might match the questions you currently have.

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