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If you are between the age of 21 and 64 and you are:

  • unable to work due to a disability
  • facing financial concerns because you're out of work
  • concerned about how to  apply for SSA disability benefits
  • wondering how to appeal denied SSA benefits
  • searching the Internet for disability benefit alternatives

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Read on and learn more about your disability options and how Guardian Advocates can assist you with your Social Security Administration disability benefit claim.

we are a non-attorney firm with
an attorney affiliation

Guardian Advocates is a non-attorney SSA disability representation firm. Our highly trained and experienced staff specializes in assisting disabled individuals with their application for benefits or their appeal of denied benefits. As a non-attorney firm, SSA disability benefit representation is our only business and your case will be in the capable hands of our staff who is solely dedicated to winning approval of your benefits.

In addition, Guardian Advocates is affiliated with a highly experienced SSA disability benefit attorney whose expertise is available for legal and case precedent interpretation, advice and direction.

By providing a highly trained and experienced non-attorney staff backed by an attorney with in-depth SSA disability benefit expertise, our clients are assured of the best possible opportunity of winning approval of their SSA disability benefit claim.

for your consideration

If you are unable to work due to your disability, we know the frustrations, the difficulties that attend your daily life and the pressing financial challenges you face. As our client, we promise that you will:

experience stress-free
application or appeal representation
and enjoy peace of mind.

And peace of mind means:

you will win approval of your benefits or pay no fee.

We also believe that peace of mind arrives not only with our direct assistance but, most importantly, with your knowing and understanding your SSA disability benefit options and the steps required to win approval of your benefits from the Social Security Administration.

This web site was designed to provide the basic information you need to believe in your ability to obtain your rightful benefits either on your own or with our assistance.

We invite you to begin your visit by clicking on the v  TOUR v  page. There, you can either get right down to the business of just how we can help you win approval of your SSA disability benefits or you can choose to acquire more information that will assist you with self-application or appeal.

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Thanks again for visiting.
We hope you find your visit easy and informative.

we are not part of the social security administration

Guardian Advocates has no direct affiliation with Social Security Administration. Therefore, we cannot provide information regarding your work record, financial eligibility or qualification for disability benefits nor can we provide any information regarding the determination of benefit payment amounts or any information related to payments of any existing disability or retirement benefits. For this information, please call SSA directly at 800.772.1213 or visit their web site at http://www.ssa.gov.

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